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Our Mission

โ€œIf your health lifestyle is going to be sustainable, it needs to be enjoyable!โ€ – Amber, founder

At Thrive, we specialize in craveable treats that happen to be good for you. Our low-carb and plant-based treats are naturally gluten-free and crafted to support your efforts to thrive in health and in life by making your health journey delicious ๐Ÿคค

It’s the best of all worlds, served in little rounds of joy ๐Ÿฉ

What People Are Saying…

Best paleo doughnuts in California!

Mary Olsen

I've been dairy free my whole life and gluten free for almost 10 years and they have the best desserts I've ever tried! And trust me, I've tried A LOT!

Leah Jaynes

Hands down the best keto doughnut! It legit tastes like a true cake doughnut!

Crystal S.

No. Listen to me. I don't usually blink when it comes to sweets. But I just had my first and they are literally, the best donuts I've ever had in my life. Took one bite of the Chai Latte and melted. So. Much. Tantalizing. Flavor. I do happen to be a Chai fanatic, but the Maple Vanilla was also ridiculous. They're full of intricate flavors. Plus, you even feel clean afterwards 'cause the ingredients are so healthy. Thanks for being so excellent at what you do.

Natalie Shaw

Best vegan donuts ever! Best vegan anything I've had.

Dana G.

Pretty much teared up with how flippin delicious these donuts are. Eating clean can be difficult when you want a sweet treat, but thank the Lord for these donuts that have NOTHING bad in them. Seriously. Edible gold.

Isabela Rodriguez

I honestly cannot describe how these donuts taste.. I have no words! If youโ€™re looking for a guilt free, incredible tasting dessert which melts in your mouth then you NEED to try these โค๏ธ I canโ€™t recommend them enough!!

Chantal Yeung

Honestly the BEST doughnuts, keto or non-keto!


Best vegan doughnuts I have ever tasted in my whole life!

Liraz Roxy

I can't believe these donuts are grainless!! They are so moist, fluffy, and melt in your mouth. If you looking for a yummy and guiltless treat, look no further. I highly recommend these treats : )

Michelle Moon

They have AMAZING doughnuts! I would have had no idea they were paleo. Seriously some of the best doughnuts Iโ€™ve ever had!! Would highly recommend.

Rachael Scribner

As someone who has overcome cancer I take my health very seriously. I also know how good it is to have healthy treats that taste good! Thrive Doughnuts meets all those needs... I highly recommend their treats to everyone. They are so delightful!

Andrea Thompson


(K/P) Keto & Paleo | (V/P) Vegan & Paleo

ALL treats are free from Gluten/Grains/Dairy/Refined Sugar

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